Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

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  1. Really excited to learn about outreach. I feel it is one of the hardest things to perfect and I am looking forward to a fresh perspective!

  2. You say you focus on finding new contacts, clients, or customers. You mean there is no focus on the writing itself? Or you use the style, etc., to find new clients? This is not fully clear to me Sonia (and I am really wondering who the imaginary friend is 🙂 ) Could you elaborate?

    • We focus on writing strategy — the kinds of content to write, how to make them more effective, when to use which type — but it’s not a writing class.

      At the moment, all of our writing advice — how to make your writing sharper, clearer, more interesting, etc. — is free on the blog. One of these days I’d like to put a writing class together to give those who want it something with more focus …

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