Rainmaker Rewind: How to Book Engaging Podcast Interviews

Rainmaker Rewind: How to Book Engaging Podcast Interviews

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  1. The Showrunner podcast was timely considering I had been ruminating over some of these questions last week. This session offers a wealth of practical advice that I found very helpful. The Rainmaker podcasts in general have served as a catalyst for considering my own podcast as I move forward developing my site. Not something I would have considered before. I appreciate the wealth of resources offered by Copyblogger. Truly outstanding! Thanks!

    • I’m glad this was helpful, Kevin! Good luck with your podcasts and let us know how they turn out.

  2. I love everything you publish Copyblogger and Rainmaker Rewind. Keep them coming. I’ve learnt so much since I discoverd yoir site so many years ago, just as I was starting my blogging journey. Still amazed by your ability to create engaging content so consistently and write about stuff I want to know. Do you attribute that ability to Google Keyword search or what. How do you know what people want to learn?

    • Hi Karen! We try to keep up with current news and trends as well as pay attention to what our readers want to learn about. Thanks for being a long-term reader!

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