A “Thank You” to all Copyblogger Readers

A “Thank You” to all Copyblogger Readers

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  1. The first thing that has always popped in my head when thinking of Copyblogger is “blogging”. Sure, there are subtopics, such as marketing, seo, etc., but the overall category for me is blogging.

    • I agree! The first topic that pops into my head when thinking of Copyblogger is ‘blogging’. Copyblogger is an excellent example of what a blog should be – you can see that from the number of comments made!

  2. I read copyblogger to learn how to write copy that connects with my readers and website visitors – simple as that. My favorite posts are about landing pages, creating effective headlines, and general stuff on marketing and sales copy.

    I like copyblogger more when it focuses on writing, less when in ventures into branding, traffic, etc.

    Thanks for this opportunity to give feedback, Brian!

  3. I categorize posts from Copyblogger as “writing” on delicious, but you cover a whole lot more than that encompassing many areas of marketing. One of my favorite blogs!

  4. Brian: To me your blog is about “the writing” side of blogging. When i think of your blog i think of “how can i put together a better sentence”, “a better paragraph”, etc. Your blog is NOT just about that, but to me that is why i come here and read you. (it is also the reason i subscribed)

    To learn “the writing” side of blogging (as opposed to the seo, marketing, content, side of it)

    P.S. Congrats on your stats!

  5. Quality, useful in job and in life, well-organized information, relevant. I scan many blog posts but I slow down for this blog because every word of the post is relevant to the topic. The writing itself is approachable and easy to comprehend.

  6. To me, CopyBlogger is about writing convincingly. That’s the short answer. I read your blog because as someone who is involved in advocacy, I think writing ideas down in a way that convinces or sells is important. And, until recently, I made no money from blogging. Now, I do, when my book sells. But I use the writing tips less for selling my book than for selling the ideas which my book is based uppon. Note, to, that selling is more about convincing, than making money.

    Hopefully, this makes some sense.

  7. I found copyblogger while searching for something I could learn from when I eventually start my own blog. Haven’t started any of zillion of blogideas but I keep reading for my own entertainment.

  8. The first thing that pops into my mind is Quality. Sometimes we tend to focus on the number of posts but forget that long time readers come from on going quality posts.

  9. Blunt Truth!
    Thats the main factor that compelled me to follow copyblogger, copy writing and marketing has a lot of bull flying around; it is a refresher to see some straight talk.
    The design of the template is pure cool yo! It the slickest wordpress template I hae seen 🙂

  10. Hi, Brian:

    I don’t know if you’ve had time to catch up on your emails this week, but Copyblogger was recently included in our new e-booklet, “50 Under $50,” so your post is timely.

    To answer your question, here’s the blurb we wrote about you:


    Site that covers the art and science of compelling copywriting.


    Eventually, every screenwriter — if she is going to ever transition from aspiring to produced — will need to bring her scripts to market. Knowing how to effectively position herself and her work using on-the-nose query letters is the first step. From grammar and personal branding, to writing effective email subject lines and the art of persuasion, Copyblogger is the go-to resource on the w-w-w.”

    The “50 Under $50” was written for screenwriters and filmmakers, but I think the same thing applies, across the board, for any writer who’s looking to market their material.

    Thanks again for the great tools your site provides.


    PS: I’ll drop a copy of the e-booklet in your email.

  11. To me, I come to Copyblogger to learn about writing blog posts which are more likely to be read and to convert into regular readers.

    Nuff said.

  12. I just ranked copyblogger the #1 How-To Blog for a post I did on ActiveRain and linked to your now famous blog on grammarical errors that make us look dumb. However, beyond the “how to write” there are the great links and posts like your recent one on being an authority that make us think and ulitimately write better posts. I subscribe and always look forward to getting your email updates!

  13. I’ve always enjoyed your series that focus on copywriting, etc. Generally, the blog is refreshing, but I think after a while of writing a blog, the posts can become a bit predictable. How can you avoid that because I struggle with that issue?

    My hat goes off to you! Congratulations on the 22,000 subscribers. That’s quite an accomplishment.

  14. Brian, congrats on well-deserved numbers. Where else does one go to learn blog writing but Copyblogger? But it’s about more than just that.

    It’s about writing for business/life on the Web, and writing effectively in this new inter-connected world that has been made available to all of us.

    We are all blessed to be a part of it, and thanks to you for making it easier to learn how to do it well.

  15. To me, Copyblogger is about good copywriting as it applies to blogs. Really, the name “Copyblogger” does a very good job of summing up what I think the blog is about (good branding with that title, by the way).

  16. Four Reasons Why Copyblogger (CB) Makes My Readers Love Me

    1. Headlines – CB helps me maximize the nano-second I have to capture my reader’s attention.

    2. Captivating Copy – I make them love me with a great story.

    3. Expert – You’ve helped me refine my expert voice.

    4. Just The Facts, Ma’am – No one wants to know my cat just died. CB helps me resist the urge to get too personal or stray from my voice.


    Lazy Girl

    PS – No cats were harmed in the creation of this list.

  17. Reason for staying with this blog: your clear, good writing. I like the way you handle the English language.

    Occasional marketing advice is just a bonus.

  18. Agree with comments above. I think the blog also serves those who have to write in conjunction with their jobs outside of the being a paid writer/blogger. On the training side of things, I would couple what I read here with some of the presentation information I’d find at a place like Presentation Zen. It’s all about clear communication.

  19. What does Copyblogger mean to me?

    Copyblogger is a great resource for me, personally.

    The site really gets down to the “Nuts and Bolts” of the blogging process, which is the Post.

    Many other sites teach “How to’s” related to SEO, Rankings and Ad placement, but if you don’t have “Killer Content” for your posts then your blog will suffer.

    This is where Copyblogger excels over other sites. The information that is presented to me is always a useful article that inspires ideas of creating great content.

    Congratulations Copyblogger on the 22,000 subscribers and the ALMOST 10,000TH post.


    Jim Moon

  20. Copyblogger teaches folks about writin’ good stuff on ye ol’ web. It’s pertty to look at too.


  21. To me, copyblogger is defining the difference between crappy blog writing and what blog (and web) authoring should be about. Themes that help keep me on my toes, honing in on how to hook readers and tips for being not just a blogger but a blog author is what keeps me coming back.

    Thanks for the effort.

  22. I always tell people it’s a great resource for writing effectively online. I love this site. I love how every post has relevant, usuable information, and that it focuses on the subject at hand…it isn’t trying to sell me something I don’t need.

    Also, I’ve done a number of WordPress setups for clients, and I always give them this site as a primer for writing copy for effective blogging. Most of the time, new authors to the blogosphere have a hard time getting past the college term-paper tone and format, and this site is an excellent resource to get those folks in the right frame of mind for creating juicy content. Content is king, I tell them.

  23. I’m with Dave Navarro on this–I look to Copyblogger for tips on how to attract visitors to my blog, keep them on the site, and turn them into subscribers. Your blog is a great example of your techniques.

  24. I’m a brand new subscriber to your blog, having just subscribed a day ago, but I came because it was highly recommended as THE place to come to get great tips and ideas on improving writing skills when it comes to blogging. Your blog was also highly recommended for finding ways to increase and retain readers.

  25. Before I answer your question let me give you these props.

    “If Claude Hopkins, John Caples and Eugene Schwartz were alive today, they would ALL be reading Copyblogger everyday. Period.”

    Ok. To me copyblogger means…exactly what your title of this blog is…copy + blogging. The combining of the age old craft of copywriting and how it translates to blogging. I especially enjoy reading about your results/measurements of your post and examples

  26. I would say it’s about writing to engage an audience. Writing is too general, and I’d even go so far as to say that blogging or business writing isn’t quite it, either.

    Your posts are consistently about improving your writing towards a very specific end: building up a loyal audience (and your recent numbers are proof that you know whereof you speak on that count. Congrats!)

    As far as the SEO question goes…I think results of applying your advice fit neatly within the goals of most smart SEO work. But SEO, really, is about engaging an online audience. So to a certain extent, it becomes a chicken and egg question. Do you create compelling content to get more clicks? Or do you want better ranking to bring more people to your compelling pitch?

  27. I’ve been reading for about 5 months now because I was fed up with the other “traditional” websites that say the same things over and over.

    CopyBlogger has given me a new perspective on a lot of topics and the new authors here and there just add to the fun. Just continue keeping it original

  28. Copyblogger helps me connect with my readers. It allows me to advance my writing skills and strategies to engage my audience. For me SEO is all about writing good content for your audience.

    Marketing, SEO & conversion optimization. You have helped me with all three

  29. I use Google Reader to read syndicated feeds and its tagging feature to organize them. Copyblogger is in my “words” tag.

  30. i have always enjoyed reading your writing and they are very informative and helpful in terms of helping me hone my writing skills and how i can blog better. i have learned many things from you, thanks!

  31. I read CopyBlogger because it fills in the gaps, and there are several, between writing and blogging. That includes everything from writing effective headlines to choosing which fonts to use for content and which fonts to use for menus and navigation.

  32. Brian, kudos on the longevity and popularity of Copyblogger…all those top lists you’re on are right on the money.

    What is Copyblogger about to me? When I think of Copyblogger I think of compelling, smart writing tips and wisdom for creating content that draws people in.

    Thanks for all you do.

  33. Brian,

    The first thing that pops into my head for your blog…

    “Copyblogger and Brian Clark, the source for tips and insider information on copywriting, and blogging, professionally. Period”

    Joseph Ratliff

  34. To me, it seems the name Copyblogger is aimed to attract bloggers, but in reality it’s about how writing affects sales/marketing/blogging/etc on the web (and more, I would imagine).

  35. Immediately I was struck by the quality of the writing and the content. I’m new to blogging. I’m new to internet marketing. So, because of this I’m interested in SEO and other marketing tactics.

    This being said, I still find your blog as primarily a great tool for writing and connecting with people. That, in my opinion, is your forte.

    Congratulations on your success and keep up the great work. :o)

  36. I look forward to each post because I am always delighted with the content, giving me new topics, new tools, new targets in what I write.

    3 T’s now there’s a slogan for you!

    Many thanks – keep up the good work

  37. Copyblogger is first about writing that connects and communicates with its audience. That’s a natural fit with marketing because it seeks to connect, convince and educate – so maybe that’s why people link it with marketing. Blogging is another vehicle that allows people to connect and educate. So I might even do the stretch to SEO because you can’t connect unless you’re found.

  38. Two Words. Impact. Effectiveness. I’m a visual artist. I can handle the studio just fine. Want my words to add to,enhance,not distract from the art I am presenting in this new, for me, venue. As in the studio each choice counts. Congrats and thanks for being a good coach.

  39. I read this site to learn some tips, get myself motivated and feel good that other people are facing the same copywriting struggles I face on occasion.

  40. Brian,

    I don’t blog. I do READ a few blogs however — yours and Seth Godin’s to name two. To me, this blog is a great guide to good, engaging, written communication. The other material is bonus.

    Part of my work involves script writing for radio and television. Verbal communication is different from written communication in some ways, but identical in many others, and as you pointed out in one of your posts, you have to know the rules in order to know when you can break the rules. Your blog does a good job of reminding us of the rules. (I often tell coworkers that readers/listeners don’t notice when you do it right, but they ALWAYS notice when you do it wrong!)

    Thanks for keeping us all on track —


  41. “Great writing” comes to mind first.

    I enjoy the writing tips and think they’re valuable for a much wider audience than just bloggers and marketers. Thanks for the excellent site.

  42. I think Copyblogger is about creating well-crafted communication to engage, persuade, or both. I agree that I don’t exactly think it’s an SEO blog, but it’s also really hard to do effective SEO with weak copy.

  43. I have been reading Copyblogger for a few months now. The one thing that I learned early in business, if you are going to succeed, you need to realize that you don’t know everything. I am by no means a professional copy writer. In fact, I am quite the opposite. Someone once said to me, “you need to sharpen you saw” referring to my writing skills. I took that to heart and am making every attempt to improve. Copyblogger has been a great resource for me. From headlines to post content, you continually provide excellent blogging tips. Keep up the good work and congratulations on your subscriber base.

  44. For me, it’s about great writing. If you contextualise it, and make it about blogging, or sales pages, or anything else, that’s fine. It just means that that particular tip might apply more or less to me.

    At the end of the day, I’m subscribed to Copyblogger so that I am constantly seeing good writing tips, being written well.

  45. Copyblogger is my coach on how to make good use of my creativity, how to translate my thoughts to the masses, and how to let people know what I mean more effectively. Understand? Thanks for the valuable content that you put up on this site. Here’s to the next 22,000 subscribers!

  46. Ooh, I posted before I read the other comments–as much as it pains me to disagree with the legendary Dazzlin’ Donna, I don’t think copyblogger is just for bloggers. There’s a tremendous amount of solid writing advice in here. It’s especially pertinent to online writing and marketing writing, but good old-fashioned dead tree writers will find useful content here as well.

  47. I like your posts, but even more I like your clean, simple look. Call me crazy, but it makes a difference for me.

  48. I just commented about copyblogger in this article, so the answer is easy:

    Giving good writing advice.

    Heck, I’ll quote myself: “Even though they focus on copywriting for online marketing, their tips and advice can be applied to any writing project.”

  49. I get GREAT writing tips from copyblogger! And, your newletters are crisp & interesting; your website is user-friendly to navigate. THANK YOU!

  50. Creativity and professional copywriting. This site is beautiful and easy to read. Each post is easily digestable and informative. This blog is also challenging. It poses challenges to become a better writer, manage your time better, and become a professional in your field.

    I love it and will definitely continue reading.

  51. To me, Copyblogger is a way for me to improve my writing on my own blog. I have implemented several tips from Copyblogger and each has resulted in getting more traffic, comments, etc.

    I also love that this blog is updated frequently. Nothing annoys me more than waiting weeks and weeks for an update on a good blog.

    Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

  52. Wether it be headlines, landing pages, or blogs, copy can be improved for better conversion. CopyBlogger is all about writing more effective copy to serve the purpose at hand.

  53. And really, this post is another tip. I’m going to thank my readers for reading, for commenting, for emailing me. At milestone: x pages read, x readers, x feeds, at christmas, or whatever occasion 🙂 or if I have nothing else to write about.

    And yes, I agree with Rhea, like your looks! Reminds me of a Charlie Brown: Love your lips and love your arms, but most of all I love your charmes :-).

  54. What is Copyblogger about? To me, Copyblogger is about effective copywriting — not copywriting that connects with search engines, but copywriting that connects with _people_. After all, _people_ use the web to find information or get things done.

    I came to web work from programming, so I need all the help I can get when it comes to marketing, copywriting, and various types of applied psychology. Copyblogger is a great place to get the advice I’m looking for.

  55. Hit my name if you want to see what I did with the colors cheme and such of the copy blogger theme. Don’t hit it if you’re interested in content and don’t know Dutch :-).

  56. I would say that copyblogger is an old-school copywriting blog using new-school technology. Whatever you call it, it’s a lifesaver!

  57. Hei Brian.
    Brilliant that it is doing so grand!

    When I think of the ‘joint’ of yours, tis ‘TREASURE CHEST’ that comes to mind. Treasure Chest that is delivered online into my inbox in a very handy and compact way every day.
    Treasure Chest because you do blog on a whole variety of topics which makes it so very interesting, intriguing and informative to us readers, and I am sure, for you as the writer.
    Have a super weekend. Rii 🙂

  58. Word association test:

    copyblogger = writing

    Blogs that just provide links are worthless.

    Blogs that give you substantive information, clearly through good writing, are priceless.

    copyblogger is helping to make the bogging world better for all, writers and readers alike.

  59. U rite guud and I wanna rite guud 2. 😉 So, I read Copyblogger. I look forward to each post and almost always find something I can use. I’m not trying to attract a readership, just want to make sure that what I do write is worth reading – or at least not too painfully unreadable.

  60. You’ve got a spell on me.

    I can delete all the other blog-feed emails… but when I get to Copyblogger the spell kicks in. Can’t resist the tantalizing subject lines… gotta see what image you’ve put at the top of the post… must read your daily dose of magic words and intricately woven ideas. Complex enough for me to chew on for days… presented so simply and elegantly I “get” the whole idea in seconds. And, yes, the template is MAD cool yo!

    Some kind of voodoo at work here, but I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone — 21,999 other people have fallen under your spell. Congrats Copyblogger. Keep on keeping us mesmerized.

  61. I’m a writer, so while blogging is one of the things that comes to mind about your blog, good solid writing tips are what make you stand out from other blogs about blogging!

    Susan Payton
    Egg Marketing & Public Relations
    Egg Marketing Blog

    Note from Brian: This is the 10,000th comment on Copyblogger. Congrats Susan!

  62. To me, Copyblogger is about writing better, but maybe even more, it’s about gaining an understanding of how to succeed in marketing and what really matters in the business world. I have learned a lot from reading your blog over the last year or so.

    I’ve also learned a lot from other people you’ve linked to or used as guest bloggers, such as Michael Stelzner and the Copywriting Maven.

  63. Brian, to me Copyblogger is copy writing: for users, for search engines, for customers, for prospects.

    And yes, i think Copyblogger belongs to SEO as well.

  64. I’m not sure what Copyblogger is about really… but those magnetic headlines keep sucking me in!

    I’ve learned to write captivating headlines that feed the social networks, and they’re surprisingly relevant to what the posts are about.

  65. I think this is a great resource for new bloggers, a guide for experienced ones and an inspiration for some. Personally, I get a lot from copyblogger, tips and tricks, resourceful material for any subject that interest me, etc. The best of all is that I feel I can trust the source, that gives me confidence. Excellent work, thank you.

  66. What sold me on your blog and keeps me coming back are your posts on copy writing, in particular writing quality headlines.

    That is what I always think of when I see a new post in my RSS reader and how I would define your site.

  67. First thing that comes to mind is how I had started writing my blog, and then how I changed my writing style after reading, and keep evolving as I read more posts.

    One of the biggest topics I’ve benefitted from from the blog is writing headlines.

    Thanks again


  68. Just like most people on here, I’m hopping onto the boat that Copyblogger is the blogger to goto for learning how to write engaging and useful content.

    Keep up the great work Brian – You’ve done a fabulous job over the past few years of building your site. Congratulations.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more striking headlines in my feedreader!

  69. Although I don’t read every issue thoroughly, I do enjoy many of the writing tips and observations.

  70. I use it for copy writing ideas, headlines, tips, etc. And blog marketing: Ways to get people to come back to my blog, attract them to my blog.

    Thanks for the great inspiration. I don’t subscribe to many blogs.

  71. for me it is all about writing engaging copy. That’s what I think about when I hear Copyblogger mentioned and that’s why I come here.

  72. Copyblogger has information that is useful, but more than that — I really enjoy reading each post. When I see a new one in Feedreader I have a feeling of anticipation knowing that the writing will be engaging as well as thoughtful. I’m also learning a lot.

    I like your style!

  73. Congrats on the growth.

    For me Copyblogger is a simple accessible way to learn more about writing styles for use in a my event-based marketing/communications activities.

    Better writing plus tips on other useful related items makes everyone’s work (online or not) better. Hopefully everyone finds something in Copyblogger.

  74. I’ve always liked Judge Judy’s quote, “Don’t piss down my leg and call it rain.” Copyblogger is the no-nonsense, no-BS, cut to the point Judge Judy of blogging (I mean that in the sincerest way). You value words and don’t waste any. You tell it like it needs to be told. Your writing voice connects with people.

  75. Copyblogger was the first blog I subscribed to on Bloglines, when my entrance into the blogging world was as mere “lurker,” so to me, Copyblogger has meant quality education in all the different levels and nuances of writing for a blog. I’ve learned that blog writing is different than writing for any other medium. So it’s hard to categorize that.

    Maybe I’d sum it up with the category: creativity.

    Because I think everyone who reads this blog and uses the insights becomes a more creative blogger.

  76. For me, Copyblogger means professionalism and quality. Brian – you really know what you’re talking about and with a lot of bloggers claiming to be experts in their niches, you’re a refreshing change and also not afraid to be different (ie. your humour in the 3 ways to spice up your post).

    Congrats with the roaring success, you deserve it buddy.

  77. You are happily placed in the Blogging Advice heading on my RSS reader. I always find good content here that helps me in my blogging. So thanks and keep up the great work

  78. Interesting question!
    I have re-written this comment 10 times. Because, although I thought it was an easy question.. it is a little harder to pigeon hole.
    Mostly, i think of CopyBlogger as a blog tips blog. Including writing, monetization, conversion, community building, seo, etc.
    But, it is has more breadth than that, to me.. because it is great content..

  79. i think of passion about writing; i personally rely on coptblogger for a wealth of tips on great writing…

  80. Copyblogger to me is about gaining insight and understanding on a topic that is extremely important, yet too often overlooked.

    Learning to write good copy, for the right reasons, is as important to me as a web designer as it is for a book writer.

    Keep it up!

  81. I look at copyblogger as a resource for two or three things. First, it’s a blog where I learn to grab the reader’s attention. Even though I write in Portuguese, some principles are universal.

    Second, It as taught me how to define an editorial line and stick with it. And it keeps showing me how to view popular subjects on a different perspective, without losing focus on that first editorial line.

    And third, it’s a good example of SEO. Not just for search engines, but with humans in mind. Creating a good landing page isn’t worth a thing if that page is dull or lacks quality information.

  82. Uhh… blogging? and uh, writing copy?
    OK, OK, I’m being a bit of a smarty pants. So seriously when I think of CB I think: great, GREAT copy, a fun and inspirational read ( I get a lot of blogs/ezines in my box that I don’t always have time for, but I ALWAYS read CopyBlogger), useful and pertinent information and , the bottom line? I want to be just like you when I grow up . You are a super duper blogging role model!!!

  83. What is copyblogger? I come here to figure out what the heck I should do to write better. Shoot, I come here just to be inspired to write. I come here to learn about blogging, but I also get that elsewhere. Sure, some SEO stuff, but mostly I learn how to get off my b$%TT and write.

  84. Though i did some satirical send up of coppyblogger [just for humor sake], but frankly i love reading Brian Clark’s tight, precise and punchy style of writing. Informative, easy to understand and pleasantly written. Another obvious reason i always read this blog is because it’s a rich fodder for my humor writing!

  85. First of all, it’s all about writing good content. But sometimes I find very good tips on site improvement, like the recent “5 Tips for Knockout Testimonials” article.

  86. My God, I can’t believe how many posts you have on this subject. Anyway, I read your blog because of your elite writing style.
    I almost feel intelligent after reading your writing.

  87. Writing. For me, it’s all about writing. Writing for an audience, writing authoritatively, writing well for a given subject matter.

  88. Copyblogger reminds me of the importance of quality content of value to my readers. You Blog what you teach 🙂 Thank you!

  89. Brian you’ve really summed up what this blog is all about for me very nicely.

    “Copywriting tips for online marketing success”

    My first thought on visiting CopyBlogger is I’m going to see a post to improve my writing. Believe it or not you’re always in the back of my mind whenever I’m writing a post. I catch myself all the time editing a sentence based on some advice you’ve written about here.

    My second thought is the writing tips will have a focus toward marketing. For example, I know at times the advice will be focused on writing for a search engine or for a particular social media site o how to write a title for linkbait.

    But mostly I’m here to hopefully become a better writer regardless of how the writing is applied.

  90. For me, it’s about writing – copy, blog content, but also writing in general. What it’s not about (and that’s good) is grammar, style & orthography, or writing as some kind of spiritual way to connect you with your inner population. It’s about writing stuff people would want to read – and it is stuff I like to read. So thank you!

  91. hi,
    to my mind, CopyBlogger is a “Blogging” or “Writing Tips” blog. thanks for this blog, by the way, and for all these valuable advices…

  92. My reason for reading this blog are twofold.

    First is just to learn how to make better content!

    Second is actually to get ideas for future blog posts. I’m not sure if that’s evil – nor just uninventive – or complimentary. ^^

  93. Bryan, while I’ve meant to comment a few times, this is my first. That doesn’t mean Copyblogger has not been embarrassingly important to me! I see Copyblogger as my MENTOR.

    I host a host a video/audio podcast and blog for scrapbooking. My husband is my “producer” and helped me catch the vision for Paperclipping.com.

    It took me a while to catch onto that vision, though, and he was finally able to open it up for me by sending me to Copyblogger. That one move transformed my blog from mostly a personal one into something educational (and much more valuable).

    I see Copyblogger as my model and mentor for creating a blog that offers value to my readers.

  94. Sure there may be mashed potatoes and gravy, some savoury stuffing, and perhaps even some perfectly cooked peas on the plate, but Copyblogger is the tender piece of meat that I save for the very last bite when I read my feeds (hmm, no pun intended but…) in the morning.

    Incidentally, was that “spicy” enough?

    But seriously, I turn to Copyblogger for, what I consider to be, the best advice for me on writing great copy. The blog element is of interest to me too, but as someone who is starting out in freelance copywriting, I find things like your headline posts, for example, absolutely invaluable.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!


  95. Copyblogger is for me:

    1. Inspiration
    2. Quality
    3. Learning

    I love reading your articles and Copyblogger has inspired me to write again. I did not write a sentence the last 10 years. I practice my writing everyday with tips I read about here and it is really a lot of fun.

    Thank you for a great site!

  96. First I love copyblogger because it looks great. I don’t even care about the content first. The looks are excellent and you use very vivid images.

    Hey, it’s not only eye candy it useful. Second, your content helps me write more better. 🙂


  97. When I think about Copyblogger, the first thing that comes to my mind is great copywriting tips. Secondly – blogging.

    Keep up the good work, my friend 😉

  98. Copyblogger is first and foremost about writing — especially online. It’s been a great tutorial/mentor blog throughout this past year because it is a full year and 2 months ago that I became a full time content writer. And the first thing I do in the morning when I’m checking my mail or in the evening when I’m wrapping things up is to check in here to see what new things I can learn.
    So THANK YOU Brian and THANK YOU copyblogger community.
    About them SEO bloggers though — I don’t think you should be separating SEO and writing online. Because they are all interconnected. Just knowing SEO techniques doesn’t mean you can write and just plain writing online won’t do unless you’re just writing for a personal blog. So these are complementary skills that anyone marketing online should have.
    So copyblogger might not belong in hard core SEO blogging but you would still need it for basic SEO stuff.
    That’s my two cents.

  99. To me, Copyblogger is all a how to create snappy headlines and articles that rock!

    I enjoy all the articles immensely, and they’ve helped me craft better headlines and write more clearly in my articles, not to mention provide some inspiration on what to write about.

  100. Weirdly, the first word that popped into my (admittedly addled) mind in answer to the question was “philosphy” (which I apparently can’t spell).

    Apologies for the adverb there Stephen King…

  101. The first thing that comes to my mind is writing. Writing tips, writing insights. I feel I write better by reading your posts. Keep up the good work! Good luck and we too, thank you.

  102. To me Coplyblogger is simply about making the the best of your writing regardless what you write. Practically everything here can be used directly or adapted to all kinds of writing. Since good writing also results in good reading is it always a pleasure to visit as this truly is a site that practices what it preaches.

    Although I am still struggling with the English language and keep forgetting some of the things I learned here do I think my writing have improved a lot since I started blogging. Not least thanks to this site.

  103. The first thing in my mind in reading Copyblogger is a blog about the art of touching people with words. Writing great copy is part art and part learned skills and a blog about learning the art grabbed my attention. So I subscribed.

    Some blogs have been interesting, some not (to me) but enough of the first to keep me scanning each issue.

    I hope this helps.

  104. Copyblogger is a seo copywriting techniques. it is one of the best way to get tips to develop your seo and to promote your online business using blog or web site.
    furthemore, it can give you an idea about how important to create a high quality design to your blog or your web site.

  105. Honestly, I used to have negative connotations about “copyblogger” before I because a regular reader, because everytime I came here I disagreed with your opinions and (with copyright issues and opinions that were not obvious and grey lines) .. so, I don’t think “copyblogger” means anymore to me than “Brian Clark’s Blog” .. which, is reflected in your increase in subscribers in 2007. I don’t read copyblogger – I read Brian Clark’s blog.

  106. Hello Brian!
    I’ve been a copy etc. writer for a long while – 16 years as a reporter and now two years as a web designer/maintainer. I Love writing – and I Love your blog.

    Seeing as I don’t have a blog, I view your’s as a Writers’ Pep Talk – and a much appreciated one at that.

    BestRgrds/Continued Success

  107. Copyblogger? It’s a writer’s friend. Clear thinking, worthwhile advice, alternative points of view, and novel ideas, articulated clearly and laid out with logic and visual appeal.

    Hey – anyone need an Australian copywriter?

  108. Answering the question in a one sentence answer would be:

    My first excited response is knowing that quality, expert advice, and professional content is waiting for me to read in a very non-judgmental way.

    It is quite easy to see that Copyblogger cares about maintaining a high standard and integrity for today’s blogosphere, therefore that is exactly what you’ll find.

  109. I think of Copyblogger as copywriting for blogs.

    Learning how to write good posts / articles for your blog. How to attract visitors and loyal readers with your writing, and how to turn words into appealing stories.

    It´s like a “How to write a damn good blog”

  110. I think it was Leo’s blog that led me here
    oh why hath not our paths crossed earlier?

    What does copyblogger mean to me?
    why it’s rescued me from an existence of drudgery

    For ages I hadn’t written; no rhyme, no composition
    shackled by procrastination and fear of rejection

    I’m still not as prolific, as I want to be
    But thanks to copyblogger, I’ll be there soon, you’ll see.

  111. Effective writing – telling a good story & having it connect with people. It’s also about the timeliness of the content – being fresh, relevant, and what people want to read!

  112. Great writing, great reminders of how to keep it simple and direct, great comments from other readers. I’ve been writing professionally for 30 years, but this site reminds me again and again how to get back to the essence of the message.

  113. Hi Brian. To me Copyblogger is about balance. I come from a background that stresses creativity. Without strategy and focus, however, creativity in business doesn’t go far to pay the bills. I find that Copyblogger gives me balance to my instinctual approach, so that the work I do for clients helps them to succeed.

  114. Copyblogger is, first and foremost, a way for me to rethink and refresh my writing on a daily basis.

    Like Web programmers and designers, Internet copy writers need association with other professionals in order to solve problems, stay current on trends and best-practices, and to solicit feedback.

    As the primary copy writer within my organization, I look to Copyblogger to provide that team-like collaboration. Copyblogger regularly challenges my style and execution, provides new ideas for testing, and – I know this sounds lame – makes me feel like I have friends and peers in the industry.

  115. With my recent switch to google reader, I’m working to build high quality OPML for a constant flow of good information.

    Your feed is in my folder called “blogging-marketing-biz” because you are a qualified source in that topic.

  116. Besides just my everyday feed, I also come back to Copyblogger for tips, how-to and inspiration when I need to write both for blogs and email campaigns.

    The other thing I love about Copyblogger is each article is a great example of the featured lesson or tip of the post. You show AND tell! It makes my brain happy.

    Thank you!

  117. Copyblogger – where I learn how to write even better each time I go there, where I get inspired to be a better writer, and where I go to read some kick-ass writing.

  118. Brian,

    Your blog features:

    * the aesthetics of writing for a blog
    * succinctness as a marketing strategy

    I enjoy it, and, of course, your excellent theme and design as well!



  119. I first came to CopyBlogger because of an article you wrote on certain (many) gramatical errors. While that entry alone made me hope that you’d never visit my blog, it also gave me my first impression of CopyBlogger. Writing (which I guess is “copy”) and the tricks/tips of the trade.

    I think I’m slightly bummed that I’m not comment #10,000. Oh, well. I shall nurse my bummage with chocolate with extra commas.

  120. The reason I keep coming back is because this blog just keeps on feeding me with great information. Its got variety partially due to the guest contributors but one of the things I really like is the fact that you actually take the time and effort to enter into dialogue down here in the comments.

    In answer to your question – Copyblogger is to me about effective communication and writing (primarily for the web).

  121. I like reading blogs in foreign languages for practice. Reading a blog that interests me as a blogger seems like a good idea of achieving two goals at once. You often give easy to use ideas, it’s really useful to put you on one’s RSS.

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