Did You Know Copyblogger is on Twitter?

Did You Know Copyblogger is on Twitter?

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  1. The idea of using Twitter interactively with other members on different subjects and topics is one of the greatest programs to become a part of the technological and methodical society engaging and operating on the Internet.

    Yet, in the midst of a great networking and communicative application, come the money wolves who once again abuse the concept given to great interactive communiquΓ© among would be members.

    In other words, Twitter being utilized as a money machine sucks and twists the purposeful interaction among members who otherwise can find topical dialog.

    I was tempted to follow you on twitter, but then wondered why? I may consider your reasons, especially if they are for the better communicative intentions to share knowledge; and straight-forward direction.

    The simplicity of “duh” in following 15,000 members is ludicrous. Just how does one read and relate, to all 15,000 members individually would have to be magic.

    It would seem more appropriate that I would find a purposeful interactive application with numbers of followers and following that is realistic to the communication capabilities.

    What are my chances of being able to read 15,000 members tweets daily, weekly or even monthly?

    Of course, if it is not necessary to read others tweets and it is for simply trying to sell products or scams, then by all means let the numbers of followers follow.

    Let, yet, another Social Style Networking Application become a money machine and fall into the grasps of Internet Mafia Corporations curtailing any purposeful operation in networking amongst those with common interests.

    It is sad that quality endeavors engineered into great socialized Internet interaction, and communication gets swallowed up by the same agenda every time.

    In closing, I will look to catch your tweets and communicate when possible..
    B. Robert..

  2. Of course! Been subscribing to you via email + following you on twitter. Though I am rather curious about how differently you’d post if you’re actually drunk πŸ˜›

  3. Apparently about 30K people knew you were on Twitter. I’ve been a long time follower, but I still prefer the full experience of copyblogger.com to the 140-character version. More is better in this case.

  4. Hi Brian,

    I notice you take a different tact from Darren Rowse (@problogger) when using Twitter. Your ratio of followers to friends is much smaller. 28871 Followers and only 584 friends (people you follow).

    I’m interested in knowing your reasoning.


  5. This is yet another one of the many posts I read that makes me shake my head and ask “Why in the world haven’t I done this yet?”

    I think the most important part of this post (as subtle as it may be) is this line: “But let’s not assume everyone knows.” It’s something that so many people/organizations neglect to keep in mind when crafting their messages. Way to avoid that pitfall.

    The other element I liked is that even your logic for following the account on Twitter is based on a personality-driven explanation, which is obviously an area in which many organizations fail.

    Short, sweet, purposeful and well-written. Good work.

  6. Sounds good, just followed you! Thanks for all the great posts you do here at CopyBlogger. I’m also a proud owner of Thesis (and I love it!)

  7. Been following you a while, isn’t there a button on the left hand side of this page 8). In all seriousness though, a fairfew probably missed that, damn our advertising blindness.

  8. I’ve been following Copyblogger on Twitter since way back in 2009. I wasn’t aware that Brian has done any posts when he was sober. Could you please reprint those? Thanks!

  9. Thanks everyone… sorry I’m so late. Intended to get back here immediately then got busy.

    Hi Gordie. Well, there are a lot of ways to use Twitter.

    1. Auto-follow tons of people to get tons of people to follow you back;

    2. Same as 1 but unfollow everyone later so you look like a celebrity;

    3. Offer value and see if that attracts followers (just like a blog, etc.)

    I’ve chosen 3.

    My friends Darren and Chris Brogan choose to follow everyone back in an honorable fashion, which I respect. But spammers use them as a shield for their auto-follow bait and switch tactics.

    Also, Darren and Chris complain about a huge amount of spam due to indiscriminately following people back. That sucks.

    I don’t have the time or patience for that. So I pick and choose who I follow carefully. Hope that makes sense. πŸ˜‰

    @Mike, don’t feel bad. I was just sitting there that night when it hit me… why haven’t I done this 30-second post?

    @Other mike

    You’re on to me. πŸ˜‰

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