How to Use Emotional Content to Engage, Inspire, and Persuade


Do you know which emotions will get your reader’s attention and pull her into your content? If not, how do you pin them down? And then once you’ve identified them, what do you do with them?

Targeting your customer’s emotions in your content is a key content marketing technique that you can use to get your reader’s attention, keep her engaged, and encourage her to act.

But how do you do this without being over-the-top?

In today’s episode of Hit Publish, you’ll discover why emotions play such an important role when you want to influence or persuade someone and how to start introducing them authentically when you write.

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The Psychology of Selling Books with Sean D’Souza


Sean D’Souza is the master “Rainmaker.” Through years of experience studying human behavior, Sean has created a powerful business that teaches business owners — and authors — how to sell their wares and provide maximum value.

The bottom line is that everyone who sells anything needs to understand how the human brain works, whether it’s a book or the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Call to Action: The Awesome Power of Asking for What You Want


In business and in life, there’s a magical way to get more of what you want, more of what you need, and more of what you desire.

And that “magical” technique is simply to ask for it — but that might not be as simple as it seems.

Because first, you’ve got to get clear on what it is you’re looking for.

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Why a Unique Selling Proposition Contradicts Everyday Life


Once upon a time, there was a periodontist who attempted to state benefits instead of features, but he made a critical mistake …

Listen in to Editor-in-Chief to find out what it was — and how it affects your business.

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What to Do When You Absolutely, Positively Must Know If Your Content Will Rock

nobody knows anything ... except the audience

Ever had a great idea, and then started to doubt yourself?

Or maybe you’ve already executed on that great idea, but you’re hesitating to launch. Maybe it’s an article, or an ebook, or a new product or service.

How can you be sure it will work? Should you ask for feedback?

I’ll answer both of those questions in this article, but first I need to tell you a couple of stories from the nutty worlds of music and film.

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3 Subtle Content Techniques That Make Your Offer Addictive

guinea pig eating a piece of red chicory

Leading up to my wedding, I indulged in one of the most lavish things.

No, I didn’t order doves to be released after the ceremony or commission an intricate ice sculpture.

I hypnotically worked my way through half a tube of $45 lip gloss in just two weeks.

How did it happen?

Simple, subtle, persuasive content.
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