How to Build a Massive Email List (Without Being Annoying)

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Fact: Email is still (by far) the most profitable online sales channel.

That means an essential aspect of your audience is the segment that trusts you with their primary email address. So, it seems fair to say that enticing your prospective customers and clients onto an email list is crucial.

Once you start building that list, you always want more. It’s like crack, really.

Email subscriber count crack, to be exact.

And like any addiction, you start considering desperate measures to get more. Things like annoying the majority of your site visitors in order to increase your daily sign-up rate.

Enter the popup, hover over … what have you. That annoying thing that jumps up in your face while you’re trying to absorb information that interests you.

Funny thing is, those things actually work. You’ll definitely build your email list faster, although — ironically — the quality of your list will ultimately suffer, and you’ll make less money.

Is there another way?

Absolutely. We’ve done it, and we want to teach it to you.

Webinar: How to Build a Massive Email List (Without Being Annoying)

Copyblogger Media COO Tony Clark and I will take you behind the scenes of the recent Copyblogger redesign, the addition of MyCopyblogger, and the launch of Authority – with a main focus on how the design strategy and free member area have increased daily email signups by over 400%.

You’ll get the inside story on:

  • Why we’ve emphasized MyCopyblogger over our products on the site
  • How design architecture smartly guides traffic flow on your site
  • Why offering “access” beats the old school email newsletter
  • The wonderful power of registration over “opt in”
  • The secret to a 400% increase in email subscribers
  • How to repurpose existing content into high value access enticements
  • When to sell to your subscribers, and how to do it right
  • Who is a good email lead, who isn’t, and how to tell the difference

Here’s how to get the goods …

Join Authority:

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Brian Clark

Brian Clark is founder and CEO of Copyblogger, producer of the Rainmaker.FM podcast network, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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