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  • Almost everything you wanted to know about content marketing in one post.
  • How to thrive in difficult times.
  • How to create a social media calendar.
  • A powerful content marketing plan you can put to use.
  • Several more smart bits of content marketing goodness.

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This is The Lede


[Almost] Everything You Wanted To Know about Content Marketing in One Post
Brackets are mine. Shane Snow has made things easy for the beginning content marketer, and useful for the veteran. To make a start right here would be a wise decision.


A Simple and Powerful Content Marketing Plan
The headline says it all. If you’re wondering how to actually begin your content marketing efforts, these simple frameworks will get you started. Oh, had articles like this been around in 2005 …


How to Create a Social Media [or Content Marketing] Editorial Calendar
Ms. Buyer has written invaluable advice on tackling one of the most difficult (and elusive) aspects of content marketing: the editorial calendar. You’ll find tips, tools, and definitions on the other side of this link. Thank her when you get there.


The Power of Real-Time Content Marketing
David Meerman Scott joined us on the radio show this week to discuss newsjacking. This article is a fascinating follow up to and summation of his strategy that can bring free PR and media exposure to you and your business.


How to Thrive in Difficult Economic Times
Ben Settle read something 10 years ago that changed his life. It’s a big piece of what carried him through some scary economic times, to becoming a highly-paid expert on email marketing. Mr. Settle’s opinion is that this lesson teaches the most valuable skill a working person can possess.


Don’t Wait, Pick Yourself Right Now
It wasn’t long ago that this seemed like a futile idea. The gatekeepers were too powerful, the distribution systems locked up, the audience too far away. What’s one thing good content marketing does for you? It allows you to pick yourself.


97 Ideas for Building a Valuable Content Platform
Mr. Godin wants you to pick yourself. Mr. Brogan offers 97 specific ideas on how to do it.

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