What’s “Internet Marketing for Smart People?”

Hey there, thanks so much for joining us. Really good to see you here.

Before we get started, let’s talk a little about what the Copyblogger newsletter is (and isn’t).

The idea for the newsletter was born from a bunch of conversations Brian and I had, as we were trying to teach our readers exactly how to create the kinds of enjoyable, profitable business that we’ve built for ourselves.

The blogging world had a lot of the pieces, but they didn’t have the whole thing

We saw too many bloggers who had huge, loyal audiences — but were still broke. The “blogosphere” isn’t as rabidly anti-commercial as it used to be, but the huge majority of bloggers still aren’t using the best techniques to turn fans into customers.

We experimented a little with letting readers know about some products from the more traditional Internet Marketing (IM) world. But while the IM gurus had a great collection of tactics, they missed the mark on some of the most important components that make a 21st century business work online.

I wrote a post about this dilemma (you can read it here) that got people talking.

The funny thing was, . . . it got us talking.

Brian and I spend a lot of time on the phone talking strategy for Copyblogger (the publication), and for Copyblogger Media (the business).

And we found ourselves talking about what went into creating an ethical, effective business. We talked about the coolest, most remarkable ways to combine great content with smart marketing. And how to put together direct response copywriting that also respected our relationship with our community of readers and customers alike.

We decided to do more than talk. We decided to create a free course just for Copyblogger readers, delivered along with a high-value newsletter.

What you’ll get out of this newsletter

When we looked closely at what was working best in our own businesses, we found that success rested on four pillars:

  • Relationships
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • High quality products

Each pillar enhances the others. Together, they’re much stronger than they would be if any of the pillars were missing.

(That’s not theory, by the way. We’ve tested and proven these concepts by launching profitable businesses in all kinds of niches and topics, and by teaching others to do the same.)

The newsletter kicks off with 20 core lessons on the nuts and bolts of what goes into creating your own remarkable, content-based “Copyblogger-style” marketing system.

We return to each pillar several times, building on what’s gone before, so that as you go, you’re creating a solid structure that gives you the best earning potential.

(Obviously, we can’t and wouldn’t promise any kind of specific financial return from the course. How much money you can make depends on your focus, your drive, your market, your knowledge of your topic, and a bunch of other things we don’t have any control over.)

We’ll give you some of the best, most effective tools available today. What you build with them is up to you. Fair enough?

What happens next

You’ll get a core lesson each week for 20 weeks. Again, you can read the first lesson today.

The core course is intended to give you a real grounding in the way that we do business and marketing on Copyblogger, and in our related businesses.

After that, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest advice to refine your thinking, sharpen your tactics, and improve your strategies. That way you can keep your momentum going and keep growing your business or your blog.

Each lesson will be illustrated with articles from around the Web. Many of those will be from Copyblogger, but we’ll also include others who we think “get it.”

Before you move on to other things today, allow me to suggest two things:

1) Add news@copyblogger.com to your email program’s “white list” or list of “safe senders” so you’re sure to get all of the lessons. The kind of business we do is also a favorite topic of spammers (I cannot tell you how much I hate spammers). So if you don’t do that, some messages might end up in your junk folder. And we don’t want that!

2) Create a special folder in your email program for these lessons. Because this is a course, and not just a random newsletter, you’ll want to refer back to the lessons again later. So keep them someplace you can find them easily.

Brian and I are genuinely excited to have you on this adventure with us. I’m really looking forward to getting started, so let’s jump in!

Sonia Simone


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