It’s Time to Step Up Your SEO …

You might have heard me say this before: SEO just isn’t rocket science.

At least, it isn’t for you, and for people like you who already create online content. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do, and more importantly, consistently doing it.

The first and most important task, of course, is to create valuable, reader-focused content.

Then it’s a matter of:

  1. You’ve got to do keyword research (so you know what words people will use to find you).
  2. You’ve got to optimize your reader-focused content (so the search engines know what you’re writing about).
  3. You’ve got to build links to your site (to build your credibility with search engines and people).

That’s basically it. Effectively and consistently do those three things, and you’ll get higher rankings and more targeted traffic.

We know thousands of content creators who do all three of these fundamental tasks right from WordPress (or Joomla, or Drupal). And we know even more web writers who use a web-based application to create outstanding SEO content for clients for use in any content management system.

We call these people “our customers.” 😉

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Sonia Simone