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If you’re an online publisher or content marketer using WordPress, understanding the value of great hosting is a must. In my 15 years of online publishing, I’ve found that it can make all the difference.

Page load speeds impact your visitor experience and your search engine rankings. And security is critical when it comes to malware, brute force login attacks, and a rash of other security emergencies that come with WordPress being the most popular CMS on the Internet.

At the same time, I hear people saying they’ll get better hosting once they start having a bit more success. Better to save money at first, right?

Logical … except you have to be prepared for success before it happens. If that big link, retweet, or Facebook share happens and your site goes down, you’re in a worse position than when you were totally obscure.

And of course, a security breach can cause people to never trust your site again. It’s not fair, but it happens.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just the size of the box you’re on — it’s how optimized the box is specifically for WordPress. For example, when StudioPress first joined Copyblogger Media, I’d knock the site offline every time I linked to it, despite it being on a dedicated server with a major hosting company.

Hosting and WordPress hosting are two different things when it comes to performance, security, and support. You need server-level specialization to get the most out of WordPress.

But I get it … no one wants to spend money before they feel ready.

So what if you could get all that superior performance and security from our managed WordPress hosting, and get even more for the price? What if you got additional features that online publishers and content marketers need to succeed, at no extra charge?

Well, there’s no more what if about it.

Superfast and Secure Managed WordPress Hosting + Content Marketing and SEO Tools

As more and more people understand the benefit of WordPress-specific hosting, the space is heating up. But when you think about the brand we chose for our hosting, you know we’ve been thinking bigger.

syn·the·sis noun: The combination of two or more elements that together form something completely new and unique.

In the next step toward making good on that carefully chosen word, all Synthesis accounts now come with Scribe for WordPress – at no extra charge. We’ve already been including our Genesis design framework since the beginning, and now we’re sweetening the deal.

This means you get all the Scribe keyword, social media, and influencer research tools — plus our patent-pending content and site optimization technology — right from your WordPress interface. And we haven’t raised our hosting prices one penny.

In fact, the included Scribe plan is one we no longer offer separately. It’s the perfect size for growing online publishers and content marketers to take it to the next level.

After all, without content that’s optimized for your audience, you get no traffic, search engine rankings, leads, or sales. What’s the point of our superfast page load times, stellar security, and expert support if no one sees your site?

Get way more out of WordPress with Synthesis.

What’s the Catch?

No catch … every Synthesis WordPress hosting plan comes with an included Scribe for WordPress account at no extra charge (30 content evaluations and 70 research sessions per month). Scribe Web and Scribe for Microsoft Word, however, are not included.

If you want those other Scribe platforms, or you outgrow your included plan, you can upgrade to Scribe Professional at a special rate available to Synthesis customers.


Check out the new Synthesis here.

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